Rubicon Labs Showcases its Rubicon Identity Service for Control and Security of Complex Transport and Industrial Systems at IoT Solutions World Congress

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Product Demonstration to Highlight Rubicon’s Cloud-to-Device Identity Platform for Authenticating Devices, Providing Policy Enforcement, and Secure Over-the-Air updates for industrial and connected transport systems

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCT 15, 2018 – /PRNewswire/ — Rubicon Labs, a leader in providing secure identity and subscription services for the IoT, today announced it will showcase its Rubicon Identity Service for end-to-end control and security of complex industrial and transport systems at the IoT Solutions World Congress expo Oct. 16-18, 2018 in the Industrial Internet Consortium Pavilion.

Rubicon Labs has focused on providing secure services to Edge devices for IoT (IIoT) systems. Connected transport is a critical and growing area for connected devices. Connected transport systems are generating massive amounts of data due to the rise of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), demands from safety legislation for the trucking industry, and the increase in cost saving predictive analytics. This data, collected at the Edge, often is required to be processed in real-time for life-critical applications and decisions. The data must be trusted and the devices must be authenticated and controlled – a requirement satisfied with the Rubicon Identity Service.

The devices included as part of industrial and connected transport systems are complex and include many sensors, gateways, onboard computers – and most are connected to the Cloud. If one device in these complex systems requires a security update, new software functionality, or updated ML models, an over-the-air update likely will be controlled and pushed to specific devices within the system. But, just as an organ replacement in a human body cannot be successful without considering how other organs in the body will react, an OTA update cannot be sent to one device without considering the potential impact on other devices in a larger complex system. Rubicon Labs enables selective and secure OTA updates to be pushed based on the specific and defined policy of the larger system and the individual devices within it.

With secure OTA updates, industrial systems with long life-spans in the field can be updated with new ML and AI models to address new functionality and additional capabilities that were not imaginable when those industrial systems were first deployed. This will enable the IIoT ecosystem to continue to evolve and develop new capabilities.

Stop by the Industrial Internet Consortium Booth at IoT Solutions World Congress (Gran Via, Hall 2, Street D, Stand 411) to discuss how Rubicon Labs can provide secure identity and control for your Edge and IoT devices.

About Rubicon Labs

Rubicon Labs provides trust, identity, and security for connected IoT devices. The company believes secure identities are foundational to help the IoT market achieve its massive potential.  Rubicon Labs has created a unique platform to provide security and identity seamlessly from the cloud to gateway and even to the most resource-constrained IoT endpoints.

Rubicon Labs’ Identity Platform is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), providing developers with a simple path to authenticate, secure and control their devices. Once identity is provisioned, data can be encrypted and signed, devices can be controlled with policies and over-the-air updates can be targeted to unique devices.

Rubicon Labs is based in San Francisco and operates an R&D lab in Austin, Texas. The company is venture-backed by Third Point Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, and Akamai Technologies.

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