Rubicon Labs Releases the Secure Identity Platform to Secure and Enable Services Across the IoT Marketplace

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Rubicon Labs Releases the Secure Identity Platform to Secure and Enable Services Across the IoT Marketplace

San Francisco, CA, September 28, 2017 – Rubicon Labs, a leader in secure identity services for IoT devices, today announced the Rubicon Secure Identity Platform. The platform embodies a comprehensive approach to security that simplifies the task of provisioning secure identities for tens of millions of connected IoT devices. The Secure Identity Platform from Rubicon also enables IoT makers and service providers to create add-on subscription services that generate new revenue streams and enable new business models. Rubicon Labs will demonstrate the Secure Identity Platform for the first time at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, October 3-5.

The Platform consists of two complementary components:

The Rubicon Identity Agent, a CPU/RTOS-independent security abstraction agent for new and existing IoT devices, can be downloaded by both IoT makers and device manufacturers. The agent has a very small code footprint and is device-independent, allowing it to reside on any gateway, microcontroller (MCU), and automotive electronic control unit (ECU).

The Rubicon Identity Service, a cloud-based service for secure management of Rubicon-enabled Identities and corresponding cryptographic keys, helps guard against identity theft of users and safeguards the product brand and corporate reputation of IoT makers.

Together, the Rubicon Identity Agent and the Rubicon Identity Service form an end-to-end solution to protect critical data between low-powered IoT devices and the Cloud. In addition, implementing the Platform is a way to future-proof IoT devices by enabling device makers to continually add new features and unlock hidden capabilities, as current service offerings mature and business conditions change. Simplifying the task of controlling business models through key management unlocks revenue streams for IoT makers and service providers and helps fulfill the promise of a large IoT market that industry analysts expect will continue to show explosive growth.

“There is no ‘One size fits all’ for IoT security,” said Richard Egan, CEO of Rubicon Labs.  “Our customers have a wide range of devices to manage, including gateways, resource-constrained microcontrollers, ECUs and smart sensors.  They want a simple and secure identity platform that works seamlessly with multiple devices, different RTOS’s, topologies and transport layers, and all managed by a highly scalable cloud portal.”

With the emerging threats in IoT, end-to-end security is paramount,” said Dr. Harsh Kupwade Patil, Sr. Staff Research Engineer, LG Electronics Inc. “The foundation for any security solution relies on cryptographic primitives with policy enforcement. Conventional cryptographic algorithms can be resource-intensive and beckon the need for innovative key-mirroring solutions that will significantly improve scalability in the IoT eco-system.”

In commenting on the new Security Identity Platform, Rubicon Labs’ Chief Product Officer Rod Schultz said, “Rubicon knows that customer data is critical to the success of any business. Using the Secure Identity Platform, customer data is able to flow securely from customer clouds down to gateways, phones, small IoT endpoints and across mesh topologies.” He added, “Our Platform enables data to be signed for authentication and/or encrypted for secure transport and also for control of policies on the devices. If a device is not trusted, its key can simply be revoked.”

The Secure Identity Platform from Rubicon Labs is available to early access partners and can be downloaded for integration into any IoT devices.


About Rubicon Labs

Rubicon Labs provides trust, identity, and security for connected IoT devices. The Company believes secure identities are foundational to help the IoT market achieve its massive potential.  Rubicon has created a unique platform to provide security and identity seamlessly from the cloud to gateway and even to the most resource-constrained IoT endpoints.

Rubicon Labs’ Identity Platform is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), providing developers with a simple path to authenticate, secure and control their devices. Once identity is provisioned, data can be encrypted and signed, devices can be controlled with policies, and over-the-air updates can be targeted to unique devices.

Rubicon Labs is based in San Francisco and has an R&D center in Austin, Texas. The company is venture-backed by Third Point Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, and Akamai Technologies.

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