Shrink your
attack surface

with Rubicon’s Managed Security Services

Rubicon Labs is at the forefront of the cyber frontier. Using their decades of cloud and device security experiences, they bring global companies innovative solutions, so you can focus on what you do best knowing Rubicon Labs has your back.

Extend your team with Rubicon Labs’ cyber experts

Minimize your Business Risks with personalized security audits and best practices

Let Rubicon guide, monitor, and solve security risks and attacks

Coverage at all levels


End-to-end audit analysis with security best in class proposed solutions. 

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    Security Audit

    Understand your threat landscape from cloud down to end points

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    Targeted end-point solutions

    Targeted end-point and IoT security because every device is unique

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    Best practices

    Clear security map of who to work with, how to implement, and what to do next


Compliment your exiting end point protection with audit reviews, threat detection analysis.

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    Security by Design

    Let security professionals architect a proactive security posture based on best-in-class solutions

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    Risk Management

    Teach your team to understand and address risks overtime

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    Build Knowledge

    Understand business impacts with personalized training and yearly reviews


Experienced security professionals to lift burden of vulnerability management.

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    Optimized Solutions

    Personalized security solutions with end-to-end optimizations

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    Cyber Warriors

    Experienced security team on-call to minimize incident time

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    Tailored monitoring

    Personalized dashboard for continual threat detection & response (MDR)

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