• “With the emerging threats in IoT and increased attack surfaces, end-to-end security is paramount. The foundation for any security solution relies on policy enforcement. There is a dire need for innovative key-mirroring solutions that will significantly improve scalability in the IoT ecosystem. Securely binding different identities associated with the IoT devices is quintessential to ensure seamless interoperability between disparate IoT networks.”

    -Dr. Harsh Patil, LG Electronics

  • “IoT will require the development of new primitives for secure computation, which is exactly what the researchers at Rubicon Labs are focused on bringing to market.”
    Whit Diffie | Turing Award Winner 2015

Your Cloud

Your Hardware

Your Devices

+ Identity from

The Rubicon Secure Identity Platform

Identify Devices

Control Policy

Amplify Revenue

Identity Agent

  • Connector.


    Scales to the lowest resource, highest volume IoT devices

  • Connector.

    Seamless integration

    CPU/RTOS agnostic software solution

  • Connector.

    High performance

    Low power, high speed for critical IoT applications

Identity Service

  • Connector.


    Architected with security as a primary focus to protect keys from end-to-end

  • Connector.


    Built to withstand major internet service outages without down time

  • Connector.


    Scalable cloud architecture for adding millions of devices per network

Rubicon Labs Managed Security Services

Rubicon Labs is at the forefront of the cyber frontier. Using their decades of cloud and device security experiences, they bring global companies innovative solutions, so you can focus on what you do best knowing Rubicon Labs has your back. 

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