• “With the emerging threats in IoT and increased attack surfaces, end-to-end security is paramount. The foundation for any security solution relies on policy enforcement. There is a dire need for innovative key-mirroring solutions that will significantly improve scalability in the IoT ecosystem. Securely binding different identities associated with the IoT devices is quintessential to ensure seamless interoperability between disparate IoT networks.”

    -Dr. Harsh Patil, LG Electronics

  • “IoT will require the development of new primitives for secure computation, which is exactly what the researchers at Rubicon Labs are focused on bringing to market.”
    Whit Diffie | Turing Award Winner 2015

Your Cloud

Your Hardware

Your Devices

+ Identity from

The Rubicon Secure Identity Platform

Identify Devices

Control Policy

Amplify Revenue

Identity Agent

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    Scales to the lowest resource, highest volume IoT devices

  • Connector.

    Seamless integration

    CPU/RTOS agnostic software solution

  • Connector.

    High performance

    Low power, high speed for critical IoT applications

Identity Service

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    Architected with security as a primary focus to protect keys from end-to-end

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    Built to withstand major internet service outages without down time

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    Scalable cloud architecture for adding millions of devices per network

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