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Secure identity for the connected vehicle

Provision secure identity across supply chains

A modern vehicle has 100-150 electronic control units (ECUs) from different supply chains controlling every function. Keep your vehicle safe, with one unified security solution to control everything.

Enable security for real time systems

For safety, cars will learn who and what is around them as they drive at highway speeds. Rubicon’s technology, based on symmetric cryptography, allows for groups and networks to be created on the fly.

Secure ecommerce for the automobile

By adding security and identity to cars, the car platform can be used for new and different business transactions.

Make the connected car safe

A Jeep was hacked in 2015 because messages were not authenticated. Critical safety features were hacked (steering, gas). Rubicon Labs provides a service to secure messages from ECUs.

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The “connected” car of today has evolved into a collection of dozens of sensors and semiconductors that control everything from braking, acceleration, airbags, navigation and in-dash entertainment, which can link over the air to the Internet.

These unprotected connections to the Internet are in essence an unlocked backdoor for hackers and opens up attack vectors that simply did not exist before: web browser exploits, malicious apps, and cloud service manipulation. Rubicon provides an easily integrated key provisioning and protection platform for securing sensors, automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) and central processing units (CPUs).