Rubicon’s team of industry veterans includes technology leaders from Apple, Pixar, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Broadcom and many successful startups. The team has over one hundred patents between them, and have worked together successfully in five companies.

Executive Team


Richard Egan

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Before joining Rubicon, Richard was VP of Business Development at image-recognition startup IQ Engines (acquired by Yahoo in 2013). Prior to that he was CEO and co-founder of F/11 Optics, a smartphone camera IP startup that was formed as a spin-out of PPG Industries (NYSE PPG). Between 2004 and 2009 Richard was CEO of Inapac, where his team built stacked-memory IP that shipped in over 50M of Motorola’s iconic RAZR phones. As a senior executive at Hotrail and CEO of Aeluros, Richard led teams that built significant stakeholder value with acquisitions by Conexant and Netlogic, respectively. Previously, Richard held a variety of sales and marketing management positions at LSI Logic and other technology companies.

Rod Schultz

Chief Product Officer

Rod began his career building Internet technology as a software engineer for Cisco. At Cisco he designed protocols and security for wide-area networking, mobile IP, and data protection. Next, Rod joined Apple as a senior software engineer and an early member of the FairPlay team. There, he worked on DRM used to protect music and video for Quicktime and iTunes on iPod, Mac, iPhone, and AppleTV. That led to a technical lead engineering position at Adobe, where he helped architect and develop product for Primetime DRM, which provides protection for video content across a complex set of devices, platforms, and distributors. Rod holds a BS in Applied Computer Science from the University of North Carolina and a Certificate of Excellence in Business from UC Berkeley. He holds five patents with several more pending.



Dave Lundgren

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Dave’s career includes roles at HP, Pixar, and Apple, where he led product design of the iMac, Titanium PowerBook, and other iconic products. He left Apple in 2001 as Director, Portable Product Design, to join Global Locate, a startup that delivered GPS in mobile devices. After Global Locate’s sale to Broadcom in 2007, Dave ran Broadcom’s Location-Based Services with P&L responsibility for cloud-based location services to hundreds of millions of mobile devices. Dave holds a BE from Stevens Tech and an MSME from MIT. He holds over 70 US patents with many pending.

Gary Woodcock

Vice President Engineering

Gary’s career began at Singer-Link, developing F-16 flight simulators for the US and Israeli Air Forces. After working on NASA’s International Space Station, he joined Apple, where he helped create the groundbreaking QuickTime media architecture and met Rubicon’s founders. Building on leadership roles at Discreet Logic through their sale to Autodesk, Gary founded Unthinkable Research—his consultancy that counts AMD, Apple, and Logitech among its clients. Prior to joining Rubicon, Gary led a team developing a low-latency, secure, electronic trading platform with automated risk controls for a Chicago-based, high-frequency trading firm. He is also a technical advisor to Austin’s SXSW festival. Gary has published many technical articles, speaks at technical conferences, and holds BSEE and MSCE degrees from the University of South Carolina.


Technical Advisor


William Oxford

Co-founder & Special Advisor

Wil began his career developing Apple’s PowerPC. Following Apple, Wil joined LifeSize Communications, where he developed breakthrough video and audio conferencing products. After Logitech’s acquisition in 2009, Wil spent time pursuing the technology foundations of Rubicon and filed patents covering our unique solutions. Wil holds a PhD in Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science from University of North Carolina. He holds 33 US patents with many pending.


Whitfield Diffie

Special Advisor

Whit is often considered the father of modern-day cyber-security. In 1976, Whit with Martin Hellman created a new method of solving cryptographic key distribution, which is became known as Diffie-Hellman key exchange. For their work, they won the 2015 Turing Award.
Rubicon Labs is honored to have Whit as a founding member of its Technical Advisory Board.