Smart Buildings – Secured

Security & Privacy for your Infrastructure

Data protection from physical attacks

Capture your full optimization potential by placing sensors and controls across your networks, even in unsecured locations. Rubicon’s technology gives you the peace of mind knowing your devices are protected.

Privacy for controls and networks

Drive operations to their full potential based on key parameters such as weather conditions, site environment, and load balancing. Be confident that your data is valid, secure, and not spoofed.

Secure device identity with self provisioning key service

The explosion of industrial networks lets us connect machines with new data analytics to create new competitive frontiers. Make sure your data is safe and your data-driven decisions are not skewed based on deceptive devices.

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IoT Security White Paper

Summary: Explosive growth of IoT devices will expand a porous digital border that can be easily breached if not protected. Over the next five years, the number of connected devices is expected to at least double, with 75% of the growth coming from non-hub devices such as sensor nodes and accessories. These connections will drive innovation, but they will also expand the cyberattack space in ways never before. To combat this expanding threat, Rubicon Labs has built an IoT Security Platform to enable ecosystems to drive IoT innovation with a scalable hardware security platform that manifests trust.

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