Q&A with Industry Experts

This is a series of Q&As with cyber-security thought leaders and innovators who share their views on the high stakes of living in a connected Internet of Things (IoT) world.

Expert Q&A: The state of cyber security from an expert on the front lines of research

Karl Levitt, a leading cyber security researcher speaks out on why IoT security is “scary” and how attacks on connected thermostats could impact the power grid, and why he’s optimistic cars will be less prone to hacks in the future…

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Expert Q&A: Think it is easy to hack a Jeep? It’s even easier to hack a truck or school bus

A candid conversation with three researchers from the University of Michigan — Bill Hass, Leif Millar and Yelizaveta Burakova—hacked a truck and school bus. They tell us why all of us should be concerned…

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